A minute about me

Into blogging

Looking for new recipes: always
Obsessed with cupcakes
Very hungry a lot of the time
Enthusiastic about food
Cooking keeno
Am also attempting to be a journalist
Kind with my creations
Eloping to France forever, maybe

5 Responses to A minute about me

  1. Hi there

    I saw you are working on a new student magazine and just wondered if you are looking for general content what kind of things you need and if I can help?

    Best wishes.


  2. Eryn Gordon says:

    Good morning!

    I am a publicist working on behalf of Get Sassie!, a Falmouth, Massachusetts based company that has an innovative line of products designed specifically for bakers and chefs. They offer edible, sugar glue solutions that take away the mess, time, and uncertainty of cake and cookie decorating projects, and leave stunning results every time. You can see their full line of products on their site at http://www.getsassie.com.

    I am hoping your Cake or Mistake readership will find Get Sassie! to be inovative and useful, and that you’ll have the space to share this with them online in the near future. I’d be so grateful to know your plans and timing!

    If you have space for additional editorial content regarding Get Sassie!, I’d be happy to pass along more details about their company and/or product offerings! Please feel free to contact me by email, looking forward to hearing from you!



  3. jaylengrace says:

    Hellp cakeormistake!

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