Aaaah sucked in – Royal Wedding Cupcakes….

So I ended up getting swept into this Royal Wedding malarky…I read the odd cynical blog post here and there that made me chuckle…stumbled across the odd crazy memorabilia …(this is a personal fave!..along with this – seriously everything’s been covered…)

And before I knew it I was googling ‘Royal Wedding Cupcakes’…and here I am, shamefully mixing up a buttery batch of Will n’ Kate related cake…

I’m not getting the day off after all so no doubt I deserve a plateful or two of my favourite sponge and creme …and whilst I’m there I might as well throw in the happy couple…why not…be rude not too (or weird to? I’m not sure anymore)

I got a bit carried away (as if planning to make a royal-themed cake wasn’t that already) and decided to double the quantity of everything (lots of hungry mouths to feed).

So that brings me to my, yes quite cringe situation, making some Royal Wedding cupcakes…and having to face the prospect of going public with it tomorrow.

Also a bit worried as there’s a hell of a lot of mix to get through and not much oven to go with it.

If you too want create your very own batch of  Royal Wedding Cakes, don’t be shy, keep reading this post and a plate of posh cuppies could be yours.


Here’s how:

Mix: I used my trustworthy Jamie O recipe, (why  change!) all is the same as previous post, except the topping.

Topping: I’ve realised that icing sugar is rare to find or doesn’t exist in France so that idea went out the window, today I went for the easy option and went for ready-made squirty creme…(cooking fifty mini cakes is taking up all my time as it is, no time for icing)

The essential part: Will and Kate stuff: I had a quick scan on the net  (never fails to deliver) and found some piccies of the happy couple, printed out the images, cut them out and stuck them on some toothpicks (ahhh….I went to waaaaay to much trouble didn’t I…)

So. Once the cupcakes are all cooled, totally cold, then it’s time to get squirting some creme. Then stick in your little royal wedding sticks and away you go! Won’t your friends be impressed (and probably a bit freaked out. I think on reflection maybe along with the bunting and party I went a wee bit too far.

But hey! I’m not the only one…and it could have been worse.


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