3 minute micro-onde marvel (aka the best cake ever)

Microwaved heaven on a plate (p.s this photo does NOT do this cake justice...)

My move to France was difficult as a baking fanatic because I found myself for months without an oven. This means my cake making activities have been kept to a minimum…but thanks to my new-found (equally sweet-toothed) friends I can get my regular butter/sugar mix fix at chez-their house.

Three minutes is all it takes....

However, yesterday I had a little baking sesh with said friends and OMG I discovered probably one of the best chocolate cakes in the world (I owe you big time whoever invented it) and do you know what? It took ten minutes to mix up and…

three minutes to cook in the microwave. This means I can make this at home, sans oven!! woopwoop……(I am going to get very fat though).

The funniest thing is, at the same time we attempted to make some kind of gooey, caramel filled cupcake thing, which took us literally two hours of stirring, mixing, melting and glooping but this resulted in a broken bowl, 20 or so minutes in the oven, resulting in a cake with literally no flavour….the lesson? Don’t judge a cake by its cooking time!

Microwave cake:

That means:

Three eggs (we rebelled and used two – was still to die for)

150g butter

160g dark cooking choc

150g sugar

60g flour


Melt butter+choc


Egg action

Time to combine...

Now all we need to do is…..

And by the time you’ve made a cuppa..


What gorgeous creation…


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