An English touch…

Scones : showing the French English food can (sometimes) be good. The classic, scone+creme+jam fail safe!


So, as discussed in the previous post, the French have a lot to offer in terms of sweet treats: the pan au choc, bioche, le crêpe, gallons  of chocolate spread, the macaroon and the tart au flan….But along with the cupcakes we have another tasty trick up our sleeves. My French cooking ‘amis’ were yet to try ‘Le scone’. I have to admit they were not on top form (a bit flat due to lack of self raising flour in France, or my lack of finding it more like), but either way they tasted great and I managed to get another thumbs up from the French…(this is kinda a big deal by the way)


Lying low....

Recipe (provided by my friend, who by the way is the one who can’t spell):


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