Finalement J’ai fait les crêpes


bonne appetite

Rainy cold Sunday demands a crêpe making session

Such an exciting moment…After six weeks en France I finally get cooking again. And of course you can’t live in France and not get involved in some crêpe making…we had planned to go to the beach or explore the ville a bit, but as the South of France was on ‘orange alert’ (which basically means nonstop rain) we took this as an opportunity to learn how to make a crêpe and stuff ourselves all day. (Will I ever tire of these French carbs?)

My housemate is from Brittany (home of the famous savoury galette) and boy does is she meticulous about her crêpe making! I was very impressed, whereas us Anglais chuck in the flour, throw in an egg or two, freestyle with the milk, give it a stir, whack it in a pan, fail to flip it and then wonder why it all went wrong.

Well…for the French (from what I saw today), it’s all got to be just right. For starters, all the ingredients have to be the same temperature. So here is how to go about your crêpe  making the proper French way:

  1. Mix together the two eggs with 125g  flour
  2. Once it’s well mixed add the milk
  3. Drop in some oil into a hot pan
  4. At this point we were shooed away (it appears too many English cooks spoil the broth)
  5. Add some vanilla flavouring if you so wish
  6. Drizzle a drop of batter into the pan to check it’s hot enough
  7. Add the batter, just a thin layer
  8. Voila!

Topping Suggestions:


Melted chocolate or Nutella/chocolate spread

The ole classic never fails: sugar et lemon crepe


Savoury: Cheese (goats cheese was literally unbelievable)


Tomato savoury crepe


crepe disaster

Even the French manage to muck up a crêpe every now and again...


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