Baking: the perfect procrastination device

I have this annoying habit of delaying what I really really really need to do in place of something I don’t even really ever have to do at all. Today is a fine example. Even now as I’m writing this blog post I’m procrastinating, I should really be going into town to buy supplies for my party later – but I’m not even close to going out the door, I’m going to write another paragraph or so of this.

My (not particularly) heart-shaped cakes

And then today, I woke up bright and early with the best intentions of starting on that 2,500 law essay I kind of have to get done by tomorrow. So what do I decide to do – let’s bake millions of cupcakes and find infinite ways to decorate them while I’m at it.

Loving my new cupcake holders...goodbye throwaway paper - hello silicon

So yeah, I made these heart-shaped cakes. I’d really recommend getting hold of some of these silicon cake-holders (at the risk of sounding like an advert!) You never need to buy holders again so it’s a good investment – I even eyed a pack up in the pound shop so they are a real bargain.

Cute and tasty too

I have to say they look a bit swollen and not particularly ‘heart’ shaped but you can always trim them down to size if you’re eager to go for that romantic look.


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