Boat (shaped) cake

No shape is too ambitious for this cake blog!

My housemate decided to attempt a boat-shaped cake. When he first said this I was thinking, ‘No chance mate!’. I seriously doubted the success of such an ambitious feat. But he totally proved me wrong as you can see…

Too good to eat right?

Tasted amazing too.

You probably want one of your own now don’t you, so here’s your step by step guide to edible boat success!

You will need

  • Ingredients for the sponge
  • 200g icing sugar
  • 100g butter
  • Blue food colouring
  • Black food colouring
  • Writing icing pens

Warning: extreme patience required!

1. Bake two plain sponges in square cake tins. Here’s one to try.

2. So bake it, wait for it to cool etc, then it’s boat making time!

3. Cut a shape (like the bottom of an iron), out of one of the cake slabs. Put the shape on top of the other cake like this:

4. Now cut out two rectangles from the same piece of sponge that you cut the other shape out of. Put these two pieces on the top of the first shape. Use maple syrup like a glue, to get it all to stick together, it should look like this:

5. Now cut out three little rectangles and stick them on to the top piece of cake – like this:

6. Starting to look like a boat now eh? Time for the icing..

7. Take the ‘boat’ off the slab.

8. Make a batch of icing. Use about 200g of icing sugar and 100g of butter (rough amounts). Whisk butter and icing sugar until it’s nearly white – this will take a while I am warning you!

9. Separate the mix into three bowls for the three colours you’ll need: blue, black grey

10. Mix in a few drops of blue into one bowl

11. Ice the remaining slab of sponge with this blue icing.

12. Now pour in a quarter of a bottle of black food colouring into one of the icing mixes. Pour in an egg cups worth of water to make the mixture a bit runny. Using a knife, spread on the mixture to the bottom layer of the boat.

13. Place it back onto the blue sponge.

14. Pour in one drop of the black into the third bowl of mixture, again add a bit of water. Now spread this onto the rest of the boat that isn’t covered up.

15. Using writing tools to draw on windows, life jackets etc.

16. Tom added jelly babies to his boat too.

Done. Show it off a bit and then tuck in.


3 Responses to Boat (shaped) cake

  1. portsmouth cake pops…

    […]Boat (shaped) cake « Cake or Mistake?[…]…

  2. Jodie says:

    hey i was wondering.. could you make this cake with an ordinary cake mix? or does it have to be a sponge cake?

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