Sweet treats of the decade

The most influential sweet treats of the 2000’s.

The cupcake comeback

It's all about the cupcakes. Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ rkbcupcakes/3053571357/

The Noughties saw a big comeback for the cupcake, they became the ultimate food accessory, preceived as kitsch and cool. Compared to the smaller, daintier cake they used to be, they are now twice as big, and more colourful and creative than ever before.

Check out Angel Food Bakery in Brighton for an exceptional mini sponge.
Killer Biscuits

Fox foods and research company Mindlab International released their ground-breaking findings in September 2009, that Custard Cremes were the most dangerous biscuit, with a ‘risk rating’ of 5.64- so eat with caution. But rest assured fans of orange flavouring, as Jaffa cakes were found to be the safest tea-time treat.

Jaffa Cakes: Making headlines

Politicians should stay clear of the Jaffa. Source:http://www.flickr.com/photos/richardland/

It was a big decade indeed for the seemingly innocent Jaffas. The little snack found itself caught up in the MPs expenses scandal this year, after a Junior Minister claimed for a £1.60 pack in 2004. Ginger Crinkle Biscuits and KitKats were two other sugary treats involved in this controversial affair.

Jaffa Cakes were the official food for the England team in the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Box-loads of the orange flavoured cakes were sent out especially for the team, as the snack wasn’t available in Japan, where The Cup was held. The England physio even rushed onto the pitch at one point during a Man United v Wigan match in 2005 to refuel Rio Ferdinand with his favourite half-time snack.

The English Rugby Football Union team also rely on Jaffa cakes to energise them, a large shipment of the same chocolate treats were sent to Versailles 2007 to give them a boost in the Rugby World Cup.

Food combinations

Weird food combinations were all rage in the 00’s. Heston Blumenthal’s Nitro-Scrambled Egg-and-Bacon Ice cream  for example was big news in the food world. Along with Snail Porridge, this one of the chef’s most famous food creations.  It’s not only the unusual food combo here but the way it’s presented.  Apparently the Maître d’ at Blumenthal’s restaurant opens an egg box and breaks eggs into a copper pan, he then adds liquid nitrogen and makes your egg-and-bacon ice cream in front of you. “This is amazing, you have to taste this to realise just how clever Heston is,” says IT’s food blog.

If you’re keen to try but can’t quite afford the £125 taster menu at Heston’s The Fat Duck restaurant, why not save a few pennies and make your own?

Chocolate and chilli

The choc-chilli cake was a huge hit.

Although it is the original form of chocolate, the choc-chilli combo has come back in a big way over the past few years, every confectioners nowadays sells a bar of the stuff. And the cake that got the biggest hits on Cake or Mistake? The chilli chocolate won by miles. Jamie Oliver’s spicy concoction went down very well indeed – it’s without a doubt the best homemade cake I’ve made this decade.

Cakeormistake predictions for the 2010’s:

  •  According to Heston it’s multi-sensory experiences – look, feel and sound will become an all aspect of the eating out.
  • The Cake world is booming now and is therefore likely sure to carry on expanding and blossoming even more next year, with recipes becoming ever more exciting and experimental.
  • There is likely to be a continued focus on healthy eating and of course money saving will continue with more wallet and body friendly cookery books, magazines, such as ‘Eat In’ and the end of the recession could mean we see more independent resturants popping up all over the place.
  • Looking at how far the cupcake has changed over recent years, we could see it evolve even more as cookery becomes more inventive, such as the exciting invention by Hannah Kaminsky who came up with these little masterpieces.

Happy new year, eat well cake lovers xx

One Response to Sweet treats of the decade

  1. fionaroberts says:

    Those cupcakes look gorgeous! Crunchie on top? Yum. And I think your chilli chocolate cake was my cake of the decade too 🙂 Maybe we should try and get a Heston blog interview for next year….!x

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