The Christmas Pudding debate

Marks & Spencer Christmas pudding

Not even M&S can persuade me.

Christmas pudding: it’s like Marmite or brussels sprouts. You either adore the stuff or gag at the thought of it. Two foodies explore their feelings towards the Christmas dessert, whether it’s a love or hate relationship.

I just don’t get it.


Sorry. I never have, and never will understand this Christmas pudding thing.

I can’t get my head round the fact that a christmas cake is made a year before you eat it. Now who on earth has the patience to withhold that long from having a nibble? I usually break down about a minute after baking.

Then there’s the fruit in pudding issue. I just can’t tolerate fruit mixed with any form of cake (oh, well bar strawberry sponge and apple crumble – god knows why!) Dried, shriveled up fruit wedged amongst sponge, among other ambiguous fruit has-beens. It is not something that wets my palate I must say.

No, I’m just not getting it. Not even the seductive charms of a supreme Marks and Spencer cake can win me over. I’m firmly on the non-Christmas-pudding side of the fence, along with my chocolate log and ice cream. Now that’s my kind of Christmas.

I totally get it.

Christmas pudding truffles

There's nothing like a little blob of christmas pudding on your plate to make you feel festive.


Christmas Pudding, some might say a King Among Desserts. Those people would be correct. Ingredients fit for a buffet table at God’s son’s birthday party and as if they were mixed by the tender hands of a virgin, the flavours of cinnamon, currents and nuts party in your mouth like the Three Wise Men on an ecastacy binge. Rum Butter, Cream and/or Custard take this festive delights to perfection and beyond.

Quite simply, this is the divine dessert.

Whose side are you on?


2 Responses to The Christmas Pudding debate

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