Cookies for christmas

Decided to cook something a bit tamer this week, due to cake disaster, and the fact that I’m baking for a charity cake stall – can’t really expect people to buy beetroot cupcakes. I’m also one of those people who dislikes celebrating christmas in November – wanted to steer clear of the whole theme for a few more weeks.  (Stay tuned though, I’ve spied a great snowman cupcake recipe that is just crying out for me to try).

So I thought what could be more appealing than choc chip cookies?

I found a great looking recipe.

Made my own batches of dark and milk choc chip, and another batch with smarties.

The results:Was pretty happy with the outcome…

Taste: Lots of huge choc chunks: always good.

Looks: For some reason they spread out quite a lot, not the tidiest looking cookies I’ve ever seen, bet hey, it’s all about the taste.

Tips? I doubled the recipe, so unless like me you’re catering for a whole journalism school, i’d stick with the quantities given.

Now time to test these beauties out at the cake sale…


One Response to Cookies for christmas

  1. Saw your tweet, they look wonderful, chocolate is always a winner. Why don’t you consider making some and submitting them in the Virtual Cookie Crawl!
    You can get more info about the Crawl at GGM’s official blog.
    I know our readers would love ’em.

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