Absolute mistake

Sad times. My first cake mistake for a long while.

What a shame

This hasn’t happened for about a year – when I put about half a tub of bicarbonate of soda in my lovely cream and strawberry cake- tasted like chemicals, was tragic.

Today I tried to create my own little recipe- which backfired massively. Here’s my guide on how not to make a cake;

  • Don’t be impatient – always always follow a recipe.
  • Don’t use cheap salted butter.
  • Don’t ever open up the oven mid cook.
  • Check your ingredients haven’t gone off before you put them in the cake! (eek, wee error- slabbed some nutella ontop of the cake, only to realise it tasted really weird – I didn’t even know nutella could go off?!)

Yes all these things actually went wrong. What a fool – not on form this week at all, please learn from my momental cake mistake!


One Response to Absolute mistake

  1. […] for christmas Decided to cook something a bit tamer this week, due to cake disaster, and the fact that I’m baking for a charity cake stall – can’t really expect […]

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