banana (shaped) cake

This idea was inspired by my housemate’s love for  bananas. (Er..yeah). As it was his birthday we felt compelled to produce some kind of banana cake. I have to admit that actual banana in cake (or mixed with anything at all for that matter) really freaks me out. I thought a lookie-likey banana cake with no actual fruit would be much more successful than creating anything that involved the real thing. I won my case and here we are: a banana shaped cake, imperfect as it is I do think it is really is rather cute.

Banana shaped cake“I want to make a banana shaped cake too!”

I hear you cry. Well don’t fret my sweets because this is what you do:

First follow a normal sponge recipe.

In addition to your chosen sponge ingredients…

You will need:

  • Icing sugar
  • Yellow food colouring
  • Bar of dark chocolate


  • Make sure you bake your cake in a round cake tin – this is very important.
  • When cake is cooled, get a sharp knife and cut a banana shape out, using the round side of the cake tin as the outside curve of

banana shaped cake the banana (see pic).

  • Make a second banana out of the curve on the other side of the cake. Use real bananas as a guide.

banana shaped cake

  • Then – this is a bit trickier, cut a third, mini banana shape out of the middle section of the sponge.
  • There were a few random left over bits of cake, but don’t even think about popping it in your greedy little mouth:  I cut these into little stalks. (See right pic)

Now for the icing:

  • Mix icing sugar with a tiny bit of water- you want it quite thick so use quite a lot of icing sugar.
  • Mix in a few drops of yellow colouring.
  • With a knife, spread the icing over all of the cut-out cake pieces – it was quite difficult getting it everywhere- will require a bit of

banana shaped cakepatience!

  • Melt some dark chocolate. Then, with a small spoon, dollop some chocolate at the very end of each pretend banana. Dip in each of the three ‘stalks’ and then place them at the other end of each ‘banana’.
  • I also drew some brown lines using the side of the spoon dipped in chocolate.


Cost: All you need to buy are three ingredients which will last forever- think how many more banana shaped cakes you could make!

Birthday Boy’s rating: “Looked great. I especially liked the chocolate end bits”

Taste: Yum. Sponge, lots of sickly sweet icing and chocolate. A banana shaped cake! What more could you ask for in life?


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