Mayonnaise cake

If you haven’t planned ahead, mayo cake is the way forward (trust me!)

8.30 pm

Hungry for sponge but I’m not prepared for the cake making involved. I have plenty of sugar and flour but zero butter and eggs – only one solution:

Mayonnaise cake

Mixture did not look in the slightest bit appetising

Mayonnaise cake it is! (no eggs or butter required…it’s all in that jar)

I browsed google and found a suitable mayo cake recipe. Interesting to see how this one pans out…

9.30 pm


Taste: resembles sticky toffee pudding. This is because we had it warm – would really recommend it: was great, couldn’t detect the slightest trace of mayonnaise, (thankfully eh?).

Extra tips: I used white icing (can mix butter and sugar) or cheat and buy it. To put on the top, this was effective because it actually looks like it’s mayonnaise.

Cost: Really cheap, as the mayonnaise means no eggs and butter, another ingredient is water so you only need a little bit flour and sugar. Bargain.

Conclusion? Great quick fix, warm, tasty, definately satisfied the cake craving! 8/10.

Mayonnaise cake

But, it was a happy ending as usual.


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