Hungry for Halloween?

It’s always fun to get into the spirit of halloween, and what better way than  with some creepy cupcakes.

First of all, follow a run-of-the-mill cupcake recipe. I used enough to make about  24, maybe a bit excessive though as I’m now drowning in sponge.

I decided to have a chocolate batch and a plain batch: After the mixing of the sugar, flour and butter, I separated the mixture in two, adding coco powder (and choc chips?) to one half and leaving the other as normal white sponge.

Remember to wait for the cupcakes to cool after the oven – then it’s decorating time!

I followed a recipe withe two different decorative ideas: spiders and ghosts, I was feeling ambitious and decided to try and make both…..

Here are the results for all of the above types of halloween cupcakes:

Cost: Pricey, about £12 for all the ingredients because I was buying fancy stuff like writing icing tools.

Taste: Tasty, the moist icing worked well in combination with the drier sponge.

Looks: The ghosts, spiders and eyeball all looked amazing!

Trick or treat?: Definite treat. Everyone who tried them was impressed.


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