Hungry for Halloween? Dishing up spiders and ghosts..

Click here for the recipe if you want to create these little beauties for yourself.

Ghosts went well, you literally chop a hob nob or whatever in half, stuff it in the middle of an iced cup cake, cover the biscuit in white icing and draw a crazy little ghost face on it.

The spiders on the other hand were right little bastards. You make the body by making that old school coco pop + melted chocolate combination and making it into a little brown blob for the spiders body. You then put it in the fridge for a bit, when it’s nice and solid you need to add legs. You do this by dipping  pieces of hard chow mein noodle in melted chocolate  and then you have to try and attach them to the cocopop body in order to make it look like a spider – which it doesn’t. In the end I managed to stick on bit of chow mein noodle into the cupcake next to the body, if you get me? and stick a second piece about a centermetre away to make it look like a bent leg, I’ve probably lost you by now and to be honest I sound a bit crazy at this point, it’s way more trouble than it’s worth, I made one and a half spiders and gave up.


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