The choc-chilli experiment

Today I decided to attempt a chocolate chilli cake. I decided to follow Jamie Oliver’s instruction as his recipes are generally simple and quite effective. Here’s how it all went:

Making and baking

We were a bit unclear about what constitutes as ‘one-three chilli’s’ as no particular size was mentioned in the recipe. I went for two large ones (threeish centimeters) and this worked well. Will definitely be using this recipe again if just for the mixture alone – It was like chocolate mousse! I had to force myself to put it away in the oven.

Success ratings

Taste and texture: Really chocolatey and moist with just a slight chilli kick. Icing is really smooth and creamy, a good contrast to the spicy sponge. I love it, really different but not too outrageous.

Cost: £5ish by shopping tactically (and I got tons of cake for this).

Lessons learnt: Get a spring form cake tin. Cooked half the cake in an old school one and lost a huge chunk of sponge when trying to prise it out.

Cake or Mistake? I vote it an extremely good piece of cake. And you?…..


6 Responses to The choc-chilli experiment

  1. tom says:

    This is the best home made chocolate cake i have EVER had…seriously!

  2. Raluca says:

    i am gonna try it tomorrow for my mother’s birthday. it looks amazing

    • Did you ever try the Choc-chilli cake?

      • Raluca says:

        yes i did, just forgot to mention it. it was amaaaazing and i’m gonna make it for christmas too. it’s the only thing i can cook (except omlette and fries) but it’s incredible and all my friends love it. thank you

      • Ah so good to know I’ve inspired you! It really is the best cake I’ve ever made… We’re making it for Christmas too, a good alternative to the Xmas pud. Try the truffles next- so much fun. Happy Christmas and keep up the cooking!

  3. […] nowadays sells a bar of the stuff. And the cake that got the biggest hits on Cake or Mistake? The chilli chocolate won by miles. Jamie’s spicy concoction went down very well indeed -it’s without a doubt […]

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