It’s decided. I’m going to do a cake blog.

cakeBaking. I adore it. It’s a social event for me and my friends, a chance to catch up and an excuse to stuff our faces – we never fail to demolish the whole thing in a sitting.

However, I’m kind of stuck in a rut with my cake making. I’m not adventurous enough. I always make either chocolate (which don’t get me wrong, is pretty great) and this strawberry/cream/sponge tower thing (which again you cannot argue with), but I know there soooooooo many more cakes out there. A lot of people would agree that we all get caught up in a bit of a recipe ‘safety net’, not daring to try something new –  we don’t have the time or money to waste getting it wrong.

So I’m thinking, how about if I go out and do the dirty work? Then people can learn  from my cake successes and failures without wasting all that flour and sugar.

I want to properly get out of my comfort zone here and try some really unusual things. I’ve been googling and I’ve already come across some pretty interesting stuff; chilli chocolate, Dr Pepper cake, savoury cakes…I was recently informed about courgette cake, which I’m pretty sceptical about but willing to try! I’m going to make one cake a week, always attempting something I’ve never dreamed before of trying. I’ll then test out the success on fellow cake lovers. Blog me any ideas you have and if you think you can better a recipe I’ve blogged about – then send me your version and let’s compare. I am truly so excited!! I’ve actually managed to find a reason to bake and eat!


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