Why not begin with the original combo? Chilli-Chocolate.

P1100171A quick history:

The concept of putting spicy, savoury chilli together with sweet creamy chocolate is a crazy, incomprehensible idea for many. A great number have never dared tried the mix. I find this surprising as it is in fact the form in which chocolate was first born.

Archeologists believe Mesoamerican civilisations to be the first cocao users: The Olmecs discovered the bean in 1500BC. The Maya and Aztecs also grew the magic beans, using it in the form of a spicy drink called ‘chocolatl’ mixed with a variety of seasonings. It is thought that these were ceremonial beverages consumed by the elite at weddings and births. The original drink resembled beer, suggesting to scientists that the Asteks created the drink after attempting to make the alcohol beverage.

The Spaniards then took chocolate over to Europe in the 16th century and from here it developed into the sweeter, milkier, solid form we know today.

For a fuller history of chocolate click here or here and why not try the original drink?


2 Responses to Why not begin with the original combo? Chilli-Chocolate.

  1. Ciaran says:

    Maybe not quite as sophisticated or as appetising as the cakes but did you try the Chilli and Chocolate crisps which Walkers trialled earlier in the year? Blooming lovely I thought.

    Also, Cargo on Old Street in London does a delicious chicken in a chocolate marinade 🙂

    • No I never did get a chance to sample the random walkers range…I was especially intrigued by the fish and chips flavour…really?

      If you have any random cake suggestions give me a shout!

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